Public opinion survey

Public opinion survey

Public opinion survey

Public opinion polling is an essential tool for preventing communication breakdowns between the public on one side, and political parties, goverment and non-government organizations, on the other side.Therefore, public opinion polling helps all the aforementioned organizations in responsible decision-making on public issues.

Some examples of public opinion research include:

  •      Testing the rating of politicians and political parties
  •      The pre-election and post-election surveys
  •      Analysis of political messages
  •      Examination of public confidence in important social institutions
  •      Testing the perception of some social issues

Basic types of public opinion are:

In-depth testing (In-depth polls)

Thorough investigation of perceptions of important social issues. These studies often serve as a benchmark for later analysis of public opinion.

A short test (short polls)

Studies that lasts a very short time (about 5 min.) And work on a smaller sample, are used for the assessment of basic public opinion trends.

Tracking tests (tracking polls)

Tests performed in very short periods and whose main goal is for public opinion influenced by important events.