Research methods

Research methods

Qualitative research

Such studies do not work on large samples and do not result in solid figures that are statistically representative of the population that is being investigated. Their goal is deeper and more thoroughly researched the issue of learning in generating as many ideas and concepts. Sometimes qualitative research can be used as a pretest for a more extensive quantitative study. The most commonly used qualitative methods are in-depth interviews and group interviews (focus groups).

Quantitative research

The research, relying on probability theory and statistics, the results obtained on the sample are extrapolated to the entire population. The aim of the research can be descriptions situation or establishing causal relationships between variables. This group includes research experiments, as well as the face, telephone and postal surveys.

Agency Audeo quantitative research carried out on samples whose size and selection meet strict methodological criteria. Field research (face-to-face surveys) performed well trained associates interviewers, while the telephone survey conducted from a central location and entered directly into the computer, which allows for faster execution of research and reduces the possibility of errors when entering. We have built a wide network of collaborators-interviewers, whereby we invest significant efforts in expanding and maintaining the quality of the network.