Customer Satisfaction Research

A satisfied customer makes recommendations to other potential customers, returns to do a repeat purchase, and sometimes it is willing to pay an additional amount to work with a company that he believes.

Some of the ways of our customer satisfaction surveys are:

Kano method

This research method involves asking questions about the importance of the presence or absence of certain characteristics of the product / service. Categorization of responses and their analysis is obtained in response to a question which features are necessary to make the customer even thinking about buying a product, which characteristics are desirable and undesirable characteristics and according to which the buyer is indifferent.
In combination with the demographic analysis of this method can be used for market segmentation.

In-depth interviews

Unstructured interviews in which consumers are detailing their typical, positive or negative experience with buying and using the product or obtaining services. The results of this research allow the retention of good and bad characteristics correction products or services.

Mystery shopping

It is performed by specially trained associates agencies which play a role of customer, estimating service based on predefined criteria. Research enables companies to check the standard of services provided to clients, as well as compare the quality of their services and their competitors, in order to improve their daily contact with customers.