Advertising Research

Our market research related to the promotion include: monitoring studies, copy research, audience research.

Studies tracking

Studies that monitor performance and/or popularity. The effect of advertising is measured by comparing the sales and/or perception of a product or service before and after the promotional activity. Power promotional activity usually plan varies in several geographic areas, each of them carried a benchmark and a follow-up study. Notice promotional activity is usually measured by telephone survey that monitors how much people had noticed the ad and place.

Copy research

A set of studies which aim to identify what needs to be tell in marketing message and how. Content and form of messages tested using different scales, remembering experiments, group discussions, etc. Based on the results of research shall be elected by the most effective messages or modifying existing messages.

Audience research

This type of research is revealing ratings and market share of some mass media, as well as socio-demographic profile of their readers / viewers / listeners. Results provide quality media buying, or a rational decision on the choice of advertising media.