Market research

The most important marketing research types that we provide are:

  • Customer Satisfaction Research
  • Market Segmentation Studies
  • Advertising Research
  • Pricing Research
  • Media Monitoring
  • Product Development Studies

Customer Satisfaction Research

A satisfied customer makes recommendations to other potential customers, returns to do a repeat purchase, and sometimes it is willing to pay an additional amount to work with a company that he believes.

Research for the purposes of market segmentation

Research for the purpose of market segmentation seeks to identify existing market segments and, with the help of analytical models, associated with specific geographic and demographic factors, values​​, attitudes, lifestyles, etc.

Advertising Research

Our market research related to the promotion include: monitoring studies, copy research, audience research.

Research for Pricing

However, an essential part of any strategy is a judgment about how much customers are willing to buy a product at a certain price, or the extent to which demand varies with the price (price elasticity).

Media Monitoring

Our services include media monitoring and press clipping website, as well as content analysis of electronic media. Each client receives an individualized report which analyzes the quantity and mode of occurrence of selected topics.

Research product development

Research concept and product development conducted in the following ways: a test in the household, projective techniques and focus groups.